Monday, October 1, 2012

A B&B worth returning to

The highlight of our visit to Enfield, New Hampshire, was spending two nights at the Shaker Hill Bed and Breakfast. This 1790s vintage home of a Revolutionary War colonel is said to have been built on the site of the first Enfield Shaker meeting house. Hostile neighbors drove the Shakers to the other side of Lake Mascoma where they successfully established themselves, and where the current Enfield Shaker museum is. No signs of a Shaker past remain on this side of the lake other than a name, Shaker Hill.

There are only four bedrooms, each with a private bath, but the rooms are spacious and comfortable.

Antiques fill the rooms and hallways,

along with a generous supply of art and books. We enjoyed reading about local history, especially a long article on Moses Johnson and his Shaker meeting houses.

There is a spacious garden to relax in,

and Beau (or is it Bo?) will be more than happy to keep you company. Beau and his house-mate Ben were my introduction to Vizslas, a hunting breed that originated in Hungary. I have to say I was impressed. They are great dogs; gentle and friendly.

Or if a porch is more to your liking, there is one across the front and down one side of the house. It's a great spot to enjoy a glass of wine in the evening.

But breakfast is half the name of a B&B, and I have to say it out ranked the bed, the house, the grounds, and the dogs. Hostess Nancy twice produced a breakfast that looked as good as it tasted, and tasted as good as it looked. My wife immediately began reverse engineering the dishes.

Visit Allen and Nancy Smith, innkeepers, at their website by clicking here. And then go visit them in person. Nice folks.


  1. We are always looking for good B&B's, so we will add this to our list.

  2. It looks delightful. I could fantasise about just such a porch and just such a chair - and a G&T too.