Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Quilts Old and New

More than 60 volunteers pitched in to help the Rugby Quilters and Historic Rugby, Inc. hold their first-ever quilt show this past weekend.  By all accounts it was a huge success. Quilts Old and New were displayed in buildings that were mostly old.  Both museum buildings and private homes were filled with quilts ranging in age from a few weeks to more than a century.

There were quilts in the historic 1887 Christ Church-Episcopal,

and in the 1880 Newbury House B&B.

There were quilts in private homes, such as the 1884 Ruralia,

and the historically-reconstructed Onderdonk House, which was originally built by and home to the carpenter/architect who built many of Rugby's original buildings, Cornelius Onderdonk.

The Rebecca Johnson Theater was the site of bed turnings featuring certified quilt appraiser Shari Pierce.

The ladies of the Rugby Quilters are to be congratulated for putting together such a well-received show.  While this was their first, it definitely won't be their last.  They just have to give their tired husbands a little time off first.

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