Tuesday, May 24, 2011

House for Sale

Our is a closely-knit community. We've all come from somewhere else and we're here by choice. There are many other places we could be; there's no compelling reason for us to be here. But we each came, found something here we were looking for, and stayed. Some bought homes. Most bought vacant land and built homes. Some live here full time; others live here part time and dream of living here full time. So it is painful when we see a house offered up for sale.

It's not that we feel rejected by a house being offered for sale. No, it's because we mourn the death of a dream. We all came here nurturing a dream. For my wife and me, the dream was for community, a relaxed pace, perhaps even a return to simpler times; a place where we could grow old in peace. For the most part, that's what we've found and continue to enjoy. I'm sure the dreams of our neighbors are as many and as varied as they. And most seem to have found their dream, which makes it even more painful when a house is offered for sale.
But Rugby is not for everyone. There are fewer than 40 full-time residents, and when the part-time residents become full-time residents, and when all available vacant land is occupied, Rugby will still be a village, not a town. We are completely surrounded by protected lands so that future growth has limits that are visible even now. We happen to like that, and worked to successfully block a proposed high-density residential development in an area that is now protected woodland on the south side of the village. But it is 17 miles to a supermarket or hardware store; 70 to a shopping mall. Why, even the nearest liquor store is 50 miles away! Rugby is not for everyone!

But ..........

We have community, which no city can boast.

We have tolerance, which few places can boast.

We have quiet, which we treasure and protect.

We have activities, which we create ourselves.

We have clean air and water and natural beauty.

We have a national park at our boundary.

We have a museum/restoration that brings interesting visitors, operates a cafe, and offers programming throughout the year.

So, if "no Muggles allowed" actually makes sense to you, if you've ever had a subscription to Mother Earth News, or if Monty Python skits seem like reality to you, come get to know us. There is a house for sale. There is also vacant land available for building. But just so you know, if you want to live in Rugby, you have to bring your own money.

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