Monday, October 10, 2011


On our way out of the village, our friend Linda's sign catches our attention. Being male, you know what I thought. So we turned around and went down the lane to Linda's B&B to see for ourselves, "Where are the girls?" Feigned disappointment. No girls, just a group of convertibles being expected for dinner. So, in the vein of truth in advertising, we took this picture:
That's my wife at the wheel of her Miata. Then on to our business in Cookeville and other spots on the plateau. But on the way home, just before dusk, we stopped back by the see if Linda was telling us the truth.
She was, but by then all but one had put their tops up. Just one Jaguar, and us, still had the top down. Grey Gables, by the way, is a wonderful B&B and Linda is just about the best cook anywhere. She's now published two cookbooks, both of which have done well. Here's her link, if you'd like to look around. And if you stop by, she'll be glad to show you the room where President and Mrs. Carter stayed.


  1. Clearly that was where the unknown female related to my blog post today was heading!

  2. Hi trying again to leave you a comment! Enjoyed this post.

  3. The tweak seems to have fixed the problem, Chris. Glad to have you back. Jim