Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Good-bye, Old Friend

We bought it used when our younger son was 17 and it was five. He had wanted one since they first appeared in 1990, and he had saved a significant contribution towards its purchase.

He took good care of it, and drove it to school for his final year of high school, and then took it off to college. Later, when he was in Veterinary  school, we agreed he needed a newer car and helped him get one. I then took the Miata and drove it for the next 11 years.

When my wife's brother died this past spring, he left her his Miata in his will. Although it was only two years newer, it had only half the miles and much less wear. We took a lot teasing from our neighbors for having four cars and only two drivers. And now the number of drivers has been reduced to one, at least until the cause of my wife's accident has been diagnosed. And space to keep cars also became an issue. I really wanted my son to take the red one back, but he, also, has too little space for another car. So, reluctantly, we sold it.

Good-bye, old friend. You were part of our family for 17 years. I think we've found you a good home.


  1. My brother is into Miatas, and has a group where they do these weird little trips together. Kind of cute, like a Miata.

  2. It is hard to part with a car that has meant so much. I'm glad the car has a good home.