Friday, October 5, 2012


Somewhere in this cemetery I have ancestors buried, although there are no gravestones to mark the exact spots. William and Rebecca came to North America from North Ireland in 1736. By 1737 they had settled in the Cumberland Valley of eastern Pennsylvania, in what became Antrim Township, and are buried near where they lived. Their children moved on to the Carolinas, and the next generation fanned out from there; Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Texas. Counting William and Rebecca as the first generation, I'm the eighth generation. I've now been able to find and visit the burial places of each generation except the third. Ichabod (yes, I'm glad I did not inherit that name) is buried somewhere in Floyd County, KY, but so far no one has found the site. Since it's unlikely there was a headstone with his name on it, it may never be found.


  1. I know I have ancestors scattered about this part of the country but sadly very few have markers. What a funny name Ichabod is.

  2. I take my elderly aunt to visit some of the graveyards where our ancestors are buried. I often stand in awe at their graves, thinking of how difficult life must have been for them so long ago.

  3. The stones with no names are the most poignant of all, Jim. Thanks for this post.