Saturday, March 2, 2013


Just what would a calico cat say to a Christmas cactus? What do they have in common, other than the accident of fate that put them in the same place? They sit, mute, wondering who will initiate the conversation. Do they speak the same language? Do they have a common understanding of the words each uses? Are there any shared values?

The only difference between these two and the U.S. Congress is that cat and cactus sit quietly opposite each other. In Congress, insults and accusations are thrown from one side of the aisle to the other, from House to Senate and back. The results are the same; nothing gets done.

It certainly would be more peaceful with plants and stuffed animals filling the seats in Washington. But then, what would the 24/7 news sources, the radio screamers, and the TV talking heads do with all of their time? Come to think of it, that sounds pretty good, doesn't it?


  1. Hmmm, a little off the subject, but do you think if I got a stuffed cat to sit and stare at my Christmas cactus, that it would bloom for me? I just have no luck with mine.

  2. This makes me smile - and yes, what's going on over there does sound pretty extreme and very pointless. The cat and the cactus at least look attractive.