Friday, October 28, 2011

Road Food

Sometimes the only place to eat turns out to be where you would choose if you had a dozen choices. Such was the 'Simply Southern Cafe' in Pelham, Tennessee. Pelham is a tiny cross-roads community that got by-passed when the interstate highway was built. There doesn't seem to be much reason to go there unless you want to travel from Manchester to Monteagle and stay off the interstate. That's how we found it.
The cafe is a "meat and three" place, meaning you get your choice of three vegetable side dishes with your meat selection. I had catfish and my wife chose chicken. The menu is a large chalkboard at the front that gets updated as pots get emptied in the kitchen. The diners appeared to all be local and to pretty much know everybody else. New arrivals received a greeting and a hug from the lone server. We didn't get the hug, but we were treated well by both diners and server.  Folks were eager to know where we were from and where we were going, and were quick to point out places of interest in the area, shortcuts, and scenic routes. Oh, did I say the food was excellent? I expect we'll time our next trip in that direction to be in Pelham at meal time.


  1. I thought all American restaurants were formica-table-topped diners? :)

    This looks and sounds like something you'd find over here.

  2. Same in the UK - if you want to eat get off the main roads and take a little detour through the villages in search of a pub. They nearly all serve food and it's usually good, plentiful and reasonably priced.

  3. This sounds like my kind of place. We always hunt the spots where the locals all go to eat!

  4. A restaurant full of locals is always a good sign.