Friday, February 24, 2012

Puppy Love

We stopped by our son's house a few days ago and got treated to some play time with their puppy.

Mac (short for McGruber) is a mostly Border Collie rescue who is now eight months old. Border Collies are working dogs, bred to high energy and intelligence, who demand exercise and attention. Things can get ugly fast if you fail to meet their needs.

A tennis ball or a frisbee will keep their attention until they drop from exhaustion, which usually doesn't happen until at least two throwers have been worn out.

Playing ball with Mac brought back memories of Scotty, the Border Collie we got when my son was four years old. Scotty was a grandson of the famous Wiston Cap whose sire had been imported from Britain by a local breeder. I asked my sons, then 4 and 8, to give him a Scottish name. "Let's call him Scotty." Thank you Star Trek!

Mac is a delightful dog. Now if my son and daughter-in-law don't flunk obedience training ......


  1. I'm sure Scotty is working very hard to get his 'charges' trained. He looks a lovely dog, but absolutely Border collies need tons of exercise and play or work.

  2. Such focused dogs -- we are on our fifth Border Collie -- till recently we've had two at a time. Dan's job is to anticipate my husband's every move.

  3. Aw, I've just been watching some border collies competing in sheepdog trials on the TV programme 'One Man and his Dog' (though some of the shepherds were women). Such wonderfully intelligent dogs.