Monday, June 13, 2011

Mid-summer haze

Yes, I know summer doesn't officially arrive for another week, but we have had temperatures running 10-15 degrees (F) above normal and a stationary high pressure system pumping moisture up from the Gulf of Mexico. Close your eyes and think mid-August.

It is good weather for putting up hay, and the farmers don't have to race storm clouds to get the bales under shelter.

But I do feel sorry for other folks who have to work outdoors. It could be a long summer.

Be cheered by the beauty of the roadsides.


  1. After a warmish start we are back to the English summer: cold, wet and dreary.

    Send me some of yours, please?

  2. I love the last photo especially - lovely composition. Sadly, it's not very warm here.

  3. I would consider myself lucky to work outsdie if it was in a place as lovely as this!

  4. I suppose we're never happy with the weather unless it's perfect. I missed those "cold, wet, and dreary" days more than anything else when we lived in the desert, Friko. Perhaps my genes remember your part of the world.

    Thank you, Jenny. I love your blogs.

    Thanks for dropping by, Pat. Yes, Morgan County is beautiful. We chose to come here when we retired and we enjoy every day as if it were a long-awaited vacation. Jim