Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Y'all Come!

Rugby, Tennessee, is a nineteenth-century utopian village that has not only survived but has experienced a rebirth of activity and growth. Today it consists of a vibrant museum/restoration and a community of retirement and vacation homes. As July approaches, we are well into the major tourist season with numerous special activities, workshops, and events. Details can be found on Historic Rugby's web page by clicking here.
Start your visit at the Rugby Visitor Centre with an award-winning film that describes Rugby's history. Tours depart from here, as well.

Kingstone Lisle was built as a retirement home for Rugby's founder, the best-selling Victorian author Thomas Hughes (Tom Brown's School Days).  Behind it sits Percy Cottage, built by Hughes's good friend Sir Henry Kimber, and named for Kimber's son.

The 1882 Hughes Public Library contains more than 7,000 volumes dating from Rugby's earliest days. The collection is currently being cataloged and soon will be available to scholars on line.

The 1907 Schoolhouse replaced an earlier building that was destroyed by fire. It now houses museum space. The tour concludes with the 1887 Christ Church-Episcopal, which has been described previously. Here is a link to that posting.

After your tour, enjoy a meal at the Harrow Road Cafe. Choose from British and Cumberland Plateau favorites.

The Commissary Museum store features local arts and crafts, as well as import items.

Open during events, the Rugby Printing Works features nineteenth century presses, such as this antique treadle press. And don't forget to visit the Shoppes of Rugby. Y'all come!

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