Monday, July 11, 2011

Best in Show

Actually, there was no official "best" in Saturday's Rugby Car Show. This example was outstanding, however.  It's a 1929 Ford Model A that has been beautifully restored. It looks as if it might have just rolled off the assembly line. Here it is displayed in front of the 1884 Ingleside, originally the vacation home of Russell Sturgis, first U.S. Counsel to Canton, China.

I was able to catch this fine Ford Model T just as it was leaving for home. There was a generous representation of pre-WWII cars, mostly Model Ts and Model As.

Post-WWII American cars and trucks were well represented, by both restored and customized versions.

My personal favorites were the British cars. I still miss my old MGB, although my current Mazda Miata is much more reliable. I get to drive it to places other than the repair shop.

There was this classic Austin Healy, several MGBs, a Triumph TR-6, and a Jaguar.

There was this fine 1960 MGA. My friend Russ had a baby-blue one when we were in college.

And there was one example of the car that introduced Americans to the British sports car, the MG-TD. American GIs brought them back at the end of WWII and it wasn't long until dealerships were established across the country. Every boy child in the country dreamed of one day having his own.

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