Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Backyard

I understand that it's all about where you were born and spent your formative years. But I still find the beauty of my surroundings almost more than I can take in. Other places also have great beauty. I love the desert, for example, after having worked in the northern Mojave for some time, but this is where we have chosen to live. And this is what we see around us.

The road to Elgin, with the mountains of Brimstone beyond.

A mountain stream at Zenith.

One of our many natural arches, now protected within the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area.

Cliffs along the Obed River.

Descent into the "Valley of the Three Forks" of the Wolf River near sunset.

Whatever the season, however familiar the road or path, there's always a "wow!" moment around every turn.


  1. How wild and wonderful! So different from the gentle hills and houses where I live. No wonder you love it. It's true isn't it? I love the chalk hills of the Chilterns and nothing quite compares! Jane x

  2. It looks really beautiful. Lots of space and not too many folks!