Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A little housekeeping

A reader asked me to identify the churches and related photos used in the Sunday Morning posts. I have gone back and done so in the comments section of each post, and I will try to do the same with new posts as I do them

I find church buildings interesting, especially the small, rural churches of Appalachia. Our region is firmly in the Bible Belt, but churches tend to be independent and idiosyncratic. The architecture of their buildings reflects their builders. On a broader scale, architectural trends are clearly responsive to fashion, so that it is often possible to "ball-park" the age of a structure by the style and elements that are incorporated.

The names that appear on the buildings and signs out front of churches frequently reflect a genealogy of congregational disputes and separations. At other times they reflect some particular theological point held dear. If the name doesn't make enough of a statement, then changeable display signs out front take up the slack:

Perhaps that's a topic I'll pursue sometime in the future. Meanwhile, check the comments section of the Sunday posts if you would like to know where a building is.

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