Friday, August 12, 2011

The Dixie Cafe

It's just off the courthouse square in Byrdstown, Tennessee. It's nothing fancy on the outside, and the inside continues in that vein. But they serve up good food at reasonable prices in a family atmosphere. And every Friday and Saturday night they also serve up Bluegrass!

The best bands from the Upper Cumberland can be found here, playing to audiences that frequently contain 3 generations of families. They serve no alcohol, so if things ever get a little rowdy, it's strictly audience response to the night's band. So if you're ever at Dale Hollow Lake on a weekend, come on down to the Dixie for dinner. It's a true Upper Cumberland Plateau cultural experience.


  1. Jim -- sure like to visit hometown places with hometown people. I strive for real folks. -- barbara

  2. Bluegrass at the diner! What a treat that must be.