Thursday, August 4, 2011

Farm stand

It's a favorite stop. The owner, Phil, grows much of the fresh produce himself; the rest comes from neighbors, mostly. Items that don't grow locally are bought from a farmers' market in Chattanooga. Currently we're enjoying fresh sweet corn. Phil grows "peaches 'n cream," an especially sweet variety. There's also local tomatoes grown by the Mennonites. Phil's own watermelons, which have just come in, are the sweetest we've had all summer. New potatoes, sweet potatoes, squash, okra, green beans;  every evening we have a feast!


  1. Looks almost as good as harvesting your own - and without the hard work.

  2. Summer's bounty -- such a pleasure! We're getting ready to have some homegrown chicken and home grown corn -- both on the grill to avoid heating up the house any more.

  3. This is the very reason I'm not concerned about not having space for a garden. We have a produce stand a few miles away. And we love it. Such wonderful produce delivered by local farmers every morning.