Wednesday, March 28, 2012

An Invitation

It's an invitation to take a seat, not take a chair. The rockers are protected by steel cables running through them, so one may sit in them but not take them away. It makes sense on a college campus. Otherwise they would be sure to add luxury and comfort to dorm rooms somewhere. Yet, it still is a mute comment on society, trust, and the English language. There's a discomfit that we must fasten down anything of value lest it be lost. And pity the poor student of English as a Second Language who tries to make sense of being told "You may take a seat but not the chair."


  1. I would happily take a seat. I have an ambition to breath my last sitting in a rocker on some porch somewhere! (A bit weird, since we don't generally have these sort of porches on our houses here.)

    1. Then you must build one. We have them front and back, with the back one screened to keep the insect population down. It is the best place I can think of to enjoy breakfast, lunch, or an after dinner rest. It's extremely habit forming!