Thursday, May 24, 2012

Border Collie

Do you ever get one photo that just speaks to you? It doesn't have to be artistic, or even unique. It just somehow reaches out and touches you? That's what this shot did to me. This fellow is a classic Border Collie. He's lying quietly, intent on the scene playing out before him; his cousins competing in a sheepdog trial. Soon it will be his turn on the course, but for now he's just another fan. Please, don't interrupt.


  1. I'll adopt him in a heartbeat! Love him!


  2. What a champion!
    This is my favorite dog breed.

  3. A sweetie, and a very good working dog. There are many border collies around here, we are in sheep country.

  4. Ah, my all-time favourite dog and this one looks a beauty. One of my friends once said to me that if I was a dog I'd be a Border Collie! Something to do with being alert and listening...or maybe it's because I have one ear cocked up and one down, ha!