Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Three treasures lost

This was one of those shots that just didn't work in color. But I think in black and white it has a feeling much like The Last Picture Show, the 1971 film by Peter Bogdanovich. When it was taken Brooks Store was open and operated by my friend Bill Jones. The truck belonged to his son-in-law.

Since this photo, Gary has sold the truck and Bill has died. The store is closed, its windows boarded over and its shelves empty. The building is abandoned and being allowed to decay. Three treasures have been lost.


  1. Your B/W is perfect. We have an old (now-closed) store in our vicinity. When it was learned that the proprietors were beset with another round of cancer which they'd thought was beaten, they put the store up for sale. The buyer has been unable to make a go of it and who knows where it all will end? I miss not having that "Gen Mdse" here. Now, instead of popping down the hill, seeing neighbors hanging out at the store, getting a gallon of milk and re-tracing the five miles back home...we have to drive another five miles beyond...one way. Sad.

    Thanks, Jim.

  2. A great photo. Sad to lose these treasures. It may say something about our stage in life's passage...

  3. Works brilliantly in B/W, Jim. "Groceries. Dry Goods. Notions" What the **** are notions in this context?

  4. Notions are small household items, John. Needles, thread, maybe a kitchen gadget.