Wednesday, May 16, 2012

News Bees

Around here they're called "news bees," although I'd never heard that name before. They're Hoverflies, members of a large and diverse family of flies that mimic wasps. It's easy to see how they got their local name, however. One will fly up to a person and hover just in front of them, like they have something important to say and are just waiting to be recognized. I guess they're very polite because they never butt in.


  1. They are kind of odd, aren't they?! For a long while, I thought they were a type of "sweat bee." (Those very unfriendly, short-tempered packets of pain!)But they've never stayed around long enough for me to test their patience. And they don't seem to have that predatory attitude that sweat bees have.


  2. Cute name, never heard that before. Cute photo too.

  3. They're really not such bad guys. Do you all have the no-seeums out your way? Rather like invisible gnats. They're enough to keep me locked inside on humid days.

    1. Yes, we have no-seeums, and they can be aggravating!