Wednesday, July 11, 2012

.... and the rains came.

Our heat wave finally has been broken as rain has returned to the plateau. But the rain was ushered in by high winds that dulled the joy of its arrival. The first victim noticed was the truck belonging to the chef at the Harrow Road Cafe.

A large branch broke off a nearby tree and almost perfectly centered itself on the truck's cab.

Although six years old, the truck had been pampered and cared for. Now he waits for the insurance company to make the repair or replace decision.

Several trees and branches were felled around Rugby. This is a large Black Walnut tree that stood next to Ruralia, one of the historic houses. Fortunately it fell away from the house and missed both the shed and a new sign at the entrance to Boyle Woods.

The picture below shows it standing next to Ruralia, just outside the fence to the right.

The winds have now ceased and for the past 24 hours we've enjoyed nearly continuous periods of gentle to soaking rains. Things are already starting to green up. Hope it wasn't too late to save the sweet corn crop!


  1. You're glad of it, we're sick of it!

    1. I guess that just underscores the mantra "All things in moderation."

  2. The rain is always nice but not with the extras that came with it!

  3. Oh, what a shame to lose the much-loved truck. Unfortunately most insurance companies don't really take into account how well you have maintained the vehicle. I'm glad there was no loss of life. And I hope the sweet corn survived. I can't imagine a summer without fresh sweet corn and tomatoes.