Friday, July 6, 2012

Top Secret!

The State of Tennessee's tourism office has developed a number of driving trips across the state. The newest one is in our area. The Top Secret Trail has the subtitle " Proton Beams to Utopian Dreams," which captures the two places I have lived in Tennessee:

Oak Ridge,

and Rugby. The trails also visits many of the spots readers have seen here over the past 18 months. Such as,

 Museum of Appalachia,
Oliver Springs,
Norris Dam,
and Livingston. We'll see more spots on the Top Secret Trail in the coming weeks, and maybe we'll venture onto the White Lightning Trail that traces the paths of bootleggers running moonshine out of the mountains down to the cities. (Actually, we have already, but that's for later.)


  1. We should do more travel to TN, especially since I was born there (Ducktown) so many years ago. Hope you escaped the wrath of the damaging storms that blew across your state.

    1. I didn't know you were from Copper Basin. Have you been there recently? I first saw the area 40+ years ago when reclamation was in the early stages. It all looks much better now.

  2. Not sure how it can be top secret if they publish leaflets about it. Look forward to the photos though.

    1. The name comes from war-time Oak Ridge, of course, but one might have thought the rest of the area was also by the lack of tourists. We're trying to fix that. The area has a lot to offer to visitors.

  3. Great picture of the old log cabin.