Thursday, July 5, 2012

Antique Car Show

Historic Rugby will host its second annual antique car show this Saturday, July 7. Last year's turnout was a great success and we expect this year's will be even bigger.

Classes will include pre-WWII cars

and post-WWII cars.

There will be pickup trucks

and beauties like this 60s Mustang.

And of course vendors will be on hand. Y'all come!


  1. One of our favorite things to do...alas we are too far North. Hope the weather holds well for you. Enjoy!

  2. The 60s Mustang? Antique? Gosh I'm getting old.

  3. Wow, love those red ones. I once had an American boyfriend who imported his big sports car to the UK. We got stuck in a narrow lane in Derbyshire! And everywhere we went little boys (probably big ones too) would look at us!

    1. I love the same ones. My first car was a 1955 Chevy, like the top picture (it was 8 years old when I got it). Sure wish I'd kept it!

  4. Wish I were close enough to be there! I love all the old trucks the best.

  5. My first car was a '51 Pontiac convertible. The floor had rusty holes in it and the top didn't go up and down, but it was fun! My all time favorite car though was my '65 red Mustang 2+2.

  6. Lovely cars, I would be there if I could. As well as the shapes, it is the bright and vibrant colours that are so attractive.

  7. Antiques really do exude that certain class, don’t you think? :) Hmm. Just to add, the 60’s Mustang has good gas mileage, is a dependable car and also low maintenance.

    Timmy Radloff

  8. I love those classic cars! Super cool! How I wish to see those personally. It’s a kind of event where in you must really appreciate the pride that set off into these older cars. Through car shows like this, you’ll be able to discover true treasures!

    Delsie Maidens

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  10. The defining trait of vintage cars that separates them from modern cars is their timeless appeal. Like Delsie, I love going to classic car shows too. They never fail to amaze me and each time, there’s always something new to my eyes. By the way, my all time favorite vintage car is the Mustang. And I was so happy to see one in here!

    -Dewey Setlak

  11. Ooh, sweet beauties! How I wish I was there! I just love seeing vintage cars, especially those that are built prior to pre-WWII era. It just amazes me to see those antiques still in very good shape. =)

    Nettie Christensen

  12. Everytime I go to antique car shows, I always look for the Tin Lizzie or the Ford Model T. It’s just amazing to see an authentic antique car still flaunting on the road, looking so sophisticated and novel! =)

    Vannessa Gabbett