Monday, November 14, 2011

Mabry Mill

This may be the most photographed mill in America. The Mabry Mill is located in Floyd County, Virginia, at mile 176 of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Pioneer displays plus a gift shop and restaurant nearby assure lots of people stopping in. When we stopped in early October, the crowds were so large we could hardly move, and getting pictures of the mill without people in them required more patience than I normally have.

Most sources give 1910 as the year the mill was built. It has an overshot wheel that is fed by a long millrace. When we were there, Virginia Creeper was showing its color as it climbed to the peak of the end gable, and the large maple nearby was in peak color. It's really a fine mill. My best advice is to try to visit mid-week.


  1. This deserves enlarging, so picturesque. I can see why it's a popualr spot.

  2. I have been there and it is indeed lovely. Now that we are retired, we love visiting popular spots on less popular days.

  3. your picture will have to do for me.
    I admit, it's a picturesque mill, a bit too new for my taste :)

  4. Ahh, but this is America, Friko. Our thousands-of-year history was largely obliterated by Europeans who didn't value the history of indigenous peoples. So we have to start building a new history from European conquest. It's as if the Normans wiped out everything in Britain and all history began in 1066. How much poorer you would be! Jim