Thursday, November 3, 2011

Residual Color

We are well beyond peak color; many of our trees are bare. But the few trees with leaves remaining tend toward the spectacular. There are a few maples remaining:
And the red oaks and black oaks are just hitting their stride.
Here's the road to Laurel Dale Cemetery.
And Tommy Martin's barn.
The trailhead to the Gentlemen's Swimming Hole.
And back home after a 3-mile walk.
It was a beautiful day!


  1. Hey there Stranger,
    Beautiful pics in a lovely part of the country. And yes, I play!!!

  2. "Gentlemens' Swimming Hole sounds terribly English, my dear fellow. Beautiful photos of a fine walk.

  3. Thanks for stopping by, Wind-kissed, and for leaving a comment. I always enjoy learning who is reading the blog.

    Oh yes, John. Those Victorian immigrants left their fingerprints all over the place. I'm surprised there are no thatched roofs in the village. But it's great fun and we love it.

  4. I love all of these! That 3rd photo of the road really caught my eye, makes me want to see where it goes!

  5. I love the autumn colour and the sound of the Gentlemen's swiiming hole. I love swimming outside and if I was there I might have been tempted to don a large beard and sneak in for a dip!Jane x

  6. Love the photos, especially the one with the barn and the sky. The leaves are past their peak in North Alabama, but still beautiful. I hate to see it end--it has been the most beautiful fall I can remember.

  7. Mama-Bug, the next time you come visit Kris you'll have to ask her to bring you to Rugby. It's only about 50 miles.

    No beard needed, Jane, the "Gents" is now co-ed. The ladies' was upstream, but was abandoned in favor of going co-ed long ago, probably about the time women could no longer get holes in the knees of their swimsuits! By the way, we recently rented the movie "Mrs. Brown," and the scene where Queen Victoria goes swimming was way too much!

    Wanda, it has been a beautiful fall, hasn't it? I told a friend this morning that I feared I was becoming jaded by all the color. Not that that's possible!

  8. Beautiful photographs. I do love finding the last of the color.

  9. Such beautiful colors this time of the year, I especially love the lane shot !
    We had lots of rain all day, sadly it took most of the leaves down to the ground...
    Thank you for sharing yours :)

  10. Lovely to see that colour against a blue sky. We've had better than usual colour here (though we don't get many of those fabulous reds) but few blue skies.