Friday, November 18, 2011

November Rains

We've had a beautiful October with sunny skies, warm weather, and abundant color. But no one can cheat the calendar; November is here. Our November rains usher in the cold fronts that bring winter to our region. For the next few months we'll have a lot of damp, cool days with overcast skies. That's how winter is in Appalachia. With luck, there won't be a lot of snow. (Yes, I know some people actually like snow. That's why we've reserved a whole tier of states across the top of the map just for them!)

The village has been quiet the last couple of days. For some reason this kind of weather doesn't seem to attract large numbers of tourists. Last winter Historic Rugby, Inc., closed for January and February.  There hasn't been an announcement yet, but I've heard they plan to be open weekends only this year. That would be good, since we do get some fine days in January and February. Until then, we do have some special events planned between now and Christmas. You can see them by clicking here.


  1. What a pretty little town. That's funny about the northern states being reserved for those who like snow. Same way I look at it. Yes, I think it will be a cold winter.

  2. That's such a quaint little place. Love to explore little towns like that.