Monday, June 11, 2012

Garden Tour

The Rugby gardeners hosted their first garden tour of recent years this past weekend. It began with a workshop led by Bob Washburn, local nurseryman, who just happened to have some plants with him for sale.

Then it was off to lunch at the Harrow Road Cafe before visiting the private gardens. There were six homes on the tour, but because of other commitments I made it only to four of them. First stop was at Onderdonk House, a reconstruction of an 1880s house. This is a garden designed to be enjoyed from the owners' rear deck.

Next stop was at the home of the tour's organizer. This was a front garden, designed to be enjoyed when coming and going, or sitting on the front porch of an evening.

Next stop was just across the road for a shade garden, although given the time of day (and some lightening with the computer) it looks as if there is plenty of sun.

The tour ended at our friend Lisa's house, which is noted for it's yard art, as was the previous home.

Here the tour participants enjoyed a tea prepared by Rugby friends. Everything was ready and waiting when the first tour visitors arrived.

A perfect way to finish the tour!


  1. Lisa's garden in particular is so inviting. I love the way it sits under the trees and the large porch. Looks like it was a lovely mellow day.

  2. We have similar tours here and it's lovely enjoying the fruits of other people's labours - gardens and refreshments too.

  3. start as you mean to finish: with refreshments.
    I like garden tours, ours will be at the end of this month, that is, if there's anything left that hasn't been swept away by the incessant rain.