Friday, June 15, 2012


I like to see these remnants from when most folks made their living farming. They may have outlived their original purpose and their continued existence may due to having been pressed into service for general storage, or simply because they aren't in the way.

They appear in endless variety.

Sometimes you can guess their original purpose from design. This one may have been a corn crib.

Others don't offer any clues.

Has this one been cannibalized, or was just it a shelter?

This one's a classic.

As is this one.


  1. Love these old relics! Very nice shots this morning Jim.

  2. I love sheds...very nice. Keep working! We love it.

  3. Love the pictures. Reminds me of home.

    1. Maybe that's because some of them aren't too far from where you call home. In fact, the 3rd one is from Scott County. All the rest are from Fentress County, except the first, which is in West Virginia. Jim

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