Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer doldrums

Summer is barely here, but it came with full voice. It rarely gets hotter here than it has been this past week and our forecast carries more of the same. Rain is promised, right up until 24 hours before it is supposed to arrive, and then disappears. We feel like Charlie Brown being suckered into trying to kick the football as Lucy once again pulls it away. I don't think I like global warming!


  1. Replies
    1. No, we don't have that much land and what we have is wooded.

  2. All is damp, damp, damp here in the U.K. We want some sunshine... but then, don't English people always complain about the weather....? Jane xx

  3. If you don't like global warming, you can move here to NC. Our wonderful State Congress has issued a statement that they do not accept the data from a recent scientific study on the rising sea levels. They say it would be bad for economic growth along the coastline! So I suppose we don't have global warming here if we choose not to accept the facts.