Wednesday, September 14, 2011


If you've ever read a Batman comic book or seen the TV series or movies, you know the police of Gotham City would call the Caped Crusader to a crime scene using the Bat-Signal, a searchlight with a stylized bat filter that cast a shadow on clouds or tall buildings. We inadvertently ended up with our own version, which we sincerely hope never becomes a crime scene and needs Batman or any other crime fighter.

We installed a window above the landing on the stairs to let in some light. Since it was on a west wall, it worked entirely too well. We got both light and heat in summer. We had a neighbor at the time who was a stained-glass artist and she volunteered to make an insert for the window that would allow light in but reduce the amount of heat we got.
The "dove-descending" insert she created works well. But when the sun is at the right angle, the shadow cast on the short wall between the floors looks a lot like we're summoning the Dark Knight.


  1. What a generous neighbor and the little window is quite beautiful.

  2. This made me smile and yet it is so attractive. I love blue glass in any shape or form. Am liking the curly bits on your stairs too.