Friday, September 2, 2011

Monument to the First President

In this case, he also was the only president. No, it's not the Washington Monument, it's dedicated to Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States of America. It's located at Davis's birthplace near Hopkinsville, KY.

Fittingly, it's not as grand as the Washington Monument, rising to 351 feet, compared to more than 555 feet. It's also made of poured concrete instead of cut stone. Yet, it's imposing enough to give travelers pause if they're not expecting it. It was completed in 1924, 80 years after completion of the Washington Monument. One has to conclude it was patterned after the Washington Monument, albeit working with a smaller budget. And there was no longer a capital city in which to place it.

One of the great ironies of the U.S. Civil War was that the presidents of the warring nations were both born in Kentucky, only 8 months and 100 miles apart. Abraham Lincoln, the younger of the two, was born in Hodginville. Both men had risen to prominence in other states before being selected to lead their nations.


  1. I learned something! Sure wasn't aware of this other monument.

  2. and on top of it all (no pun intended), the two have a difference of only three letters in the names of their respective birth place.

    Is there still a difference in attitude among the North and South?
    For me the US is the US, whatever the geographical location.

  3. Yes, Friko, there are regional differences in attitudes about a lot of things in the U.S.; north-south, east-west, urban-rural, etc. It's a wonder we're ever able to accomplish anything as a nation.

  4. Jim, what a wonderful blog you have. I love all things Appalachian. I'm a Florida gal but dearly love east TN. I sometimes think the stork dropped me in the wrong state. Keep hoping one day hubby and I can relocate to TN. Just became a follower on your blog today. Hope you'll drop by and visit my blog soon. Have a wonderful weekend. PS I love all the little churches!