Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Spirit of Red Hill

The Spirit of Red Hill is an 'art and oddiments' (collectables) shop in "downtown" Rugby. The original building was the land office for Thomas Hughes and his London backers back in the 1880s. They had purchased a large tract of land from a group of Boston investors and hoped to use it to attract the younger sons of British landed gentry who were being squeezed out at home by primogeniture laws. They called their endeavor the "Board of Aid to Land Ownership."
The name is all that remains of the Board of Aid, but it's prominently displayed on the front of the building.
"Gourdon" welcomes visitors to the front porch, where his gourd-head expression never changes. The shop is the work of partners Donna and Annie, who are gourd artists. Donna is also a talented nature/wildlife artist and acrylic painter.
Donna greets visitors by telling them about their art and explaining that the other items displayed are vintage, more than 50 years old, or made from vintage items. She closes her welcome speech by confessing that she, too, is vintage.
I must admit that much of their vintage inventory are items I remember from my childhood. I've even bought a few of them.
But I especially like their gourds. We have run out of places to put them in our home, but if you're due to receive a gift from us, I do hope you like gourd art.

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  1. she too is a vintage... such a humor. love it..

    nice post!