Monday, September 26, 2011

Michaelmas 2011

Michaelmas, the Feast of St. Michael and All Angels, comes on Thursday of this week. The whole village is getting ready, especially the Michaelmas Daisies. They've been planted all around the village and usually start to bloom in late August. This year they were late, but they're catching up fast.
At Virgo House,
Martin's Roost,
 The Lindens,
Greenbrier House, and elsewhere. I think they'll be ready when Christ Church holds its annual Michaelmas Festival on the following Saturday. The highlight of the Festival is an English Cream Tea, served in the Friendly House behind the church.
In addition to tea, there will be English Country Dancers, including audience participation,

and crafts.
Hours and tea reservations can be found here. Ya'll come!


  1. Thank you for inviting me. I'd love to come but it's a little too far for me. I'll probably go to the local Michaelmas Fair.

    Thanks also for your comment on my rainwitch post. Your father would be called a water diviner and there have been, and still are, a few around.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Friko. Yes, I know the word "diviner," but in eastern Kentucky they were "witches." I think it probably goes back to a fundamentalist view that divining might imply spiritual endorsement of something that might possibly be evil and consequently witchcraft.

  3. Sounds my kind of thing but a rather long cycle ride.

  4. Oh, I'd LOVE to come. Pity it's so far and over the big blue sea. But your posts make me feel as though I'm visiting.

  5. John, Friko, and Jenny, we'd love to have you come to Rugby. But I'm sure you'll have ample, near-by opportunities to visit a Michaelmas fair. But ours is always the first Saturday in October, so if you're planning a U.S. holiday ........

  6. I love that last picture with the Michaelmas daisies in front of the charming house.