Monday, April 23, 2012

Celtic Festival - The Basics

We went to a Celtic Festival on a recent Saturday. What, I asked myself, do you really need to enjoy a British-themed Saturday afternoon? The answer is simple: beer, darts, some pub music, and dancing girls. OK, there's much more, but let's start with those.
The beer was provided by a refrigerated trailer with taps installed in the side. Why didn't I think of that? It can follow you wherever you decide to go. And I have to say the Guinness was far better than I remembered it.  I may have to look for some next time I'm off the mountain.
Yes, and there were darts.

Note the sign at the bottom advertising a "pointless dart league." I thought the point of darts was to give you something to do with your other hand while you held a beer. Why else would one play darts?

These three young people provided the pub songs, and a lively group they were. No slow, sentimental ballads here; this was dance music!

Which brought out the dancing girls. In the spirit of full disclosure, the exceptionally beautiful girl in the red shirt is my granddaughter. Like her father, she was shy and slow to enter the dance. But like her mother, once committed she gave it her all and danced with complete abandon.

After a bit, these fellows from one of the pipe bands joined in. It was a 2 AM moment at 4 in the afternoon. Time to think about going home.


  1. Your granddaughter is so cute, dancing away like a pro. Okay maybe she needs a little practice to make it to "pro". Pipe bands are such fun! What a good day it looks like you all had.

  2. Looks a lot of fun. Can't wait til my granddaughter starts dancing!