Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Celtic Festival - A car show?

Did the old Celts have cars? Never mind, this Celtic festival did have a car show. In fact, it had a large car show with British cars dating from the late 40s to the present.

There were a couple of fine 1949 MG TCs. These cars are pretty rare in the U.S. This is the car that American G.I.s brought home following WWII that introduced the British sports car to the American people. All had right-hand drive, and they were never exported to the U.S.

There were several MG TDs at the show, like this especially fine one sitting next to one of the TCs. The MG TD popularized the British sports car in the U.S. Morris exported left-hand drive cars especially modified for the U.S. market. This car is a 1952 model. There also were a few MG TFs, a lot of MGAs and MGBs, and I even saw one rare MGC, which I believe was produced only for about a year and a half. There were also Triumphs and Jaguars, Midgets and Austin Healeys, and even a few Alpha Romeos and Fiats. Not sure what the latter were doing there; party crashers maybe?

But you can't have a British car show without a Mini or two or three.

 I would have liked to have spent more time with the cars, but we weren't there all that long and there was more to be seen.


  1. When I was at the University of Washington, I dated a guy who had a bright yellow MG. When I first saw what I would be riding in, I was thrilled. The "romance" quickly wore off though as the temperature inside the thing was below the comfort level afforded with rainy Seattle's weather and a rag top. We soon parted company! Maybe his heater was on the blink! I never inquired. Just dismissed that particular experience as being "off the list."

    Nonetheless, I still--deep down--love them!


    1. When I drove an MGA (1959) with side curtains, it leaked so much air that the heater wasn't much help anyway. In 1971 I got an MGB with roll-up windows (blasphemy!) which was much more comfortable. Now my Miata with a removable hard top is quiet and comfortable. But any of them was wonderful on a warm, sunny day with the top down. Yet, I still want an MG-TC!

  2. Somehow the look and romance of an old soft-top manages to overcome the discomfort. But I've still a deep-down love for a Mini! (A yellow and red one - ooh!)

  3. This is so great. Would have loved to happen upon this show!

  4. I LUSTED after an MG TD! I wanted it to be British racing green with a tan interior. Eventually my brother and I bought a used MGA (red w/ black interior) together and I drove it during my junoir and senior years of college. Such a fun car!

  5. Cool cars. And celtic fest. are the most colorful.