Thursday, April 26, 2012

Celtic Festival - People Watching

One expects to see the clan organizations represented. It turn out this MacGregor was a graduate of the University of Tennessee.

And don't forget my (possibly) distant cousin, Robert Burns. (At least he's buried in the same churchyard as my distant ancestors.)

Even the police on duty were kilted!

Great bellies are made, not born!

Tuatha Dé Danann perhaps?


  1. Jim, Do you happen to know where can I find an expert on pronunciation of Gaelic? Here's the phrase I'd like to learn to pronounce: Ciunas gan uaigneas Translation: "Quiet without lonliness." I'm guessing: KEW-nuss gon oo-ig-nuss." I seem to remember unearthing that approximation on the Internet many moons ago, but not being completely satisfied with it.


  2. Mmm, I think you're supposed to have a big bum to wear a kilt properly, not a big belly.