Friday, December 16, 2011


After many years of lobbying and planning, work finally began this year on rerouting Tennessee highway 52 around the village of Rugby. It's been needed for a very long time.

Although route 52 is not a major highway, it is important locally. It's the only practical east-west route between two major north-south highways for some 50 miles to the south and even further to the north.
Consequently, we get a lot of truck traffic through the village, and few drivers observe the posted 45 mph speed limit.
Drivers who do observe the speed limit often get passed on this rare straight stretch of road, although it is marked "no passing." It's a wonder we haven't had visitors killed.
Work has proceeded quickly, with a good bit of the most westerly portion ready for pavement.
It promises to be a beautiful drive when it's completed. There's a great view of the Brimstone mountains from this point.
Work is proceeding well on the two major bridges in the Rugby section. Those long, precast-concrete I-beams are trucked to the site. They have to pass over a narrow highway, around tight curves, and through the village to reach the bridge site. It's a delicate operation, and one guaranteed to strike fear into the hearts of drivers unfortunate enough to meet one on a curve. There's simply not a lot of road to share at some points!
But that phase will soon be complete.
Meanwhile, there's enough large earth-moving equipment around to strike sandbox-envy into the heart of any small boy, and some people who once were small boys.


  1. Your countryside looks much like ours here in SE OK. It seems the only way to get people to slow down is to have the little black cars waiting to pounce on them if they don't. Such is life.

  2. They keep proposing a by-pass for Saltaire - only trouble is they can't think how to do it. A tunnel has been suggested, with its entrance right beside my house! I HOPE NOT!

  3. Great shots. It's always fun to see the heavy equipment and progress of such projects.

    Darryl and Ruth :)

  4. It is so scary when big rigs run through roads not prepared for them. Hope it will be over soon.