Thursday, December 29, 2011

Forbus General Store

On highway US-127 in Fentress County, Tennessee, just north west of Pall Mall, is the community of Forbus. Forbus consists primarily of one house and the Forbus General Store, founded 1892. The general store exists on tourist traffic, with offerings of fudge, souvenir tee shirts, ice cream, and crafts. And of course, Pig. No, we're not talking swine here; it's a card game. For all practical purposes, Pig isn't played anywhere outside the confines of Fentress County, but it's big there. Everyone plays. And while someone from a neighboring country may at times intrude, they usually have Fentress County ties. On the last Saturday in February each year, the Forbus General Store hosts the International Pig Championship Tournament. It's big; just come by and see for yourself.


  1. I've never heard of Pig - but I'd stop at the store for a look round. Do they get a lot of tourists?

  2. Quirky! Such gems can only be found in backwaters.

    Happy New Year, Wayfarer!

  3. Tourists are who keep the doors open, Jenny.

    Thank you, Friko. Backwaters are what I try to write about. They are disappearing fast, but they are jewels worth trying to preserve.

    Have a Happy New Year all!


  4. Backwaters? I love them also Jim. I don't think they will be disappearing any too fast in this neck of the woods. I don't know why not though. This is one of the most beautiful places I have ever lived and it is largely due to lack of people wanting to come here. So it probably is with your neighborhood.
    I may be moving a bit closer to civilization soon but I will remain in our backwaters. People say you either hate it or love it. I both love and hate it.