Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Home Tour

This past Saturday, our museum/restoration organization, Historic Rugby, held its biennial Christmas home tour. This year there were seven homes open and more than 100 people paid to make the tour. The doorway, above, is at our friend Jessie's house, which had an especially attractive fireplace arrangement,
and an inviting sun room.
Next door is Hester Knoll, where Kelly greeted visitors in her 1880s costume,
and Harry and Jody stood nearby.
Our friends John and Kathy had their house open this year,
with a fetching traditional Christmas tree in the corner.
Last stop was Uffington House, the historic home of Thomas Hughes's mother, Margaret.
Inside was an exhibit of Christmas quilts, including one my wife had made for our grand daughter. It's a "paper doll" quilt, complete with doll clothes that can be moved around on it. Shhhh! It's will be a Christmas surprise for her, so don't tell!
And of course, there had to be refreshments for all who had taken the time to visit and support Historic Rugby.


  1. Ooh, I'm so jealous ;)
    I've visited Rugby, but not at Christmastime, it looks so beautiful and traditionally English.
    I can only imagine the food on that long buffet m sausage rolls, mince pies, and trifle ?
    Thank you for sharing your visit...delightful !

  2. How beautiful! I would have loved to take this tour. Love that rustic arbor too!

  3. I love the thought of open houses at Christmas time. All the houses and people look so festive! I wonder if we could try the idea in our village? Jane x

  4. A lovely idea, maybe Saltaire ought to try this too. The paper doll quilt is a work of art. What a wonderful idea. I'm sure your granddaughter will love that.

  5. Thanks for the tour! I love the paperdoll quilt. What a great idea!