Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Trust and Luck

If you choose to come off Max Patch Mountain on the North Carolina side, you have the opportunity to visit two of the more interestingly-named spots in western North Carolina. Turning toward Hot Springs on NC 209 we passed through the community of Luck, which as near as I can tell consists entirely of the now-closed Pink J. Plemmons store.

Vicki Lane fans will recognize the name from her third novel, Old Wounds. Apparently Pink Plemmons has died and no one has chosen to keep the business open. It remains a picturesque location, but how long it can survive is an open question. Given its appearance, I couldn't resist playing with the photographs a little.

There, isn't that interesting? I love the chair with the broken rocker!

The second is Trust, located at the intersection of NC 209 and NC 63.  Trust consists primarily of the Trust General Store and Cafe, a spot well worth stopping in. We had a large scoop of ice cream, which was most welcome on a warm autumn day.

It's not clear exactly how the communities got their names. The Trust General Store and Cafe's web site has stories about the post office needing names, a dog, and a letter. Whatever the reason, these communities ended up with names that stick in the minds of visitors.


  1. I did recognize the name; I'm an avid Vicki Lane fan! The photo of the old store is just so neat!

  2. I love that store! And your photo is terrific.